Beef & Music Tag Week Challenge for K-12 2023

Thank you for supporting your BSH Knight by purchasing Beef & Music tickets through their individualized link.

Tickets that are sold online this year through the students individualized grade-specific link prior to the contest deadline, will go towards earning their grade a TAG WEEK the week of Beef & Music.

  • Any grade that reaches a total amount of ticket sales of $3,900 or more through their dedicated link* will be eligible for a week of Tag for the following dates:
    • Mon-Friday, May-1st-5th, with Thursday being an appropriate “Sunday Best” tag day.
  • Any and all types of ticket sales purchased through each grade’s dedicated link will go towards the $3,900 per grade sales goal. Tickets include:
    • Adult Festival Ticket (21+) -$55
    • Student BBQ Only Ticket- $35
    • Kids Meal Ticket- $25
    • Raffle Only Ticket-$25
    • (5) Raffle Only Tickets- $100
  • Tickets sold after the contest deadline of Friday, April 21st, will not be included in the Grade’s total ticket sales.
12th Grade
11th Grade
10th Grade
9th Grade
8th Grade
7th Grade
6th Grade
5th Grade
4th Grade
3rd Grade
2nd Grade
1st Grade



*tickets purchased using the school’s direct link or complimentary sponsorship tickets are not eligible for this contest.