Mrs. Glennis Leight


Although many people think they are musically impaired, we are all musical to some degree. Even before babies can talk, they respond to their mother singing to them. Music surrounds us and it wrings our emotions. It is important to us. I love all kinds of music and want to give my students an appreciation for listening to different types of music whether it be a Bach Concerto or a Jazz piece by Louis Armstrong. Music can and is fun and should give students an outlet of expression. It is also a stress reducer. I want my students to not be afraid to express themselves through music. I am their sideline encouragement and their support. We have some of the best students to work with and it drives me to produce their best effort whether is singing at Mass or performing at May Day.

I have lived most of my life in Powhatan, Virginia. I graduated from Longwood College with a BME in Music Education. This is my 34th year teaching at BHS. I raised three boys who graduated from BSH and am married to Jeff Leighty. We live in Ballsville with two cats.