At a Glance

Number of Students:
Student/Faculty Ratio:
Average Class Size:
Campus Size:
40+ Acres, 11 buildings
for classes & sports
2023-24 School Year Dates:
August 22, 2023 ~
June 5, 2024
School Hours:
8:10 AM - 2:45 PM
College Acceptances:
100% of our graduates
are accepted to a 4-year
college or university.

Our students have attended:

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Our mission is to provide a broad, values-based curriculum in a supportive, Catholic environment that celebrates individual talents, challenges academic intellect, supports and nurtures growth, builds character, instills confidence, and prepares students for success at the university level and in life.


School: BSH attracts diverse, motivated, independent-minded students seeking a broad, values-based college preparatory curriculum.

Students: BSH students value and demonstrate honor, passion for learning, independent thinking and service to others.

School Culture:

The family-based community environment at BSH is one of acceptance, diversity, learning and self discovery. Our culture is intentionally designed to nurture the unique strengths and talents, provide academic, cultural and academic growth and bring out the best of each individual student.

Faculty: BSH teachers are inspired educators committed to guiding and nurturing students, using innovative and sound teaching practices. Our teachers never stop seeking personal and professional growth.

Graduates: BSH graduates are confident, well-rounded, independent-minded individuals, ready to address the challenges of this generation.


These are the values that help inform our decisions and SHAPE us at BSH.
Self-Discovery • Honor • A Values-Based Curriculum and Way of Life • Passion for Learning • Embracing Community

BSH is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive educational environment. We celebrate the differences as well as commonalities among individuals. We strive to recognize unique gifts and encourage each student to pursue fulfillment in their own ways.

School Leadership

Mr. Tracy Hamner ~ Head of School, [email protected]
Mrs. Meredith Perry ~ Assistant Head of School, [email protected]
Mrs. Wendy Lipscomb ~ Director of Early Learners, [email protected]
Mrs. Christine Lively ~ Director of School Counseling & College Advisor, [email protected]
Mrs. Mandy Mills ~ Instructional Coordinator, [email protected]
Mr. Charles Thomas ~ Director of Athletics, [email protected]

Mrs. Christina Dowdy ~ Director of Enrollment Management, [email protected]
Mrs. Varna Redlich ~ Associate Director of Enrollment Management-Upper School, [email protected]
Mrs. Beth McCombs ~ Payroll Administrator, [email protected]
Mrs. Karen Badman ~ Business Manager, [email protected]
Mrs. Sue Hickey ~ Director of Development, [email protected]
Mrs. Tracy Allen ~ Associate Director of Development, [email protected]
Mrs. Catherine Ringling ~ Asst. Director of Development, [email protected]
Mrs. Liz Gorman ~ Office Manager, [email protected]
Ms. Earica Key ~ Office Aide, [email protected]
Mr. Courtney Hardy ~ Facilities & Transportation Manager, [email protected]

For administration bios and more information, click here.


Advisory Board

The concept of the School Advisory Board is based on a belief in the importance and power of shared leadership. Parents, faculty, administration, and the community work together to provide advice regarding school policies in accordance with the mission of the school and the policies of the Diocese of Richmond.

The primary function of the School Advisory Board is to provide advice and assistance to Administration.

Advisory Board members offer their expertise and experience to strengthen the decision making process. The assistance is provided through the function of committees such as: finance, facilities, development, PR/marketing, enrollment, and policy. It is through the work of the Advisory Board that recommendations are made; direction is set; and policy is developed.

Advisory Board Members

  • Chair – Kathleen Cavanagh
  • Vice-Chair – Kim Adams
  • Secretary – Kim Rice
  • PTO President – Tiffany Vadella-Griffith
  • Faculty Rep – Mandy Mills
  • Finance Committee Chair – Col. Brower
  • Facilities / Safety Committee Chair – Kyle Leatherwood
  • Development Committee Chair – JC Rogers
  • Alumni Relations Committee Chair – Taylor Myers

Our History

BSH Huguenot Acadamy
Huguenot Academy

The Blessed Sacrament Huguenot School is the result of the historic merger of two independent schools, Blessed Sacrament High School at Belmead and Huguenot Academy, in September of 1998.

Huguenot Academy was granted its charter by the State Corporation Commission of Virginia on August 31, 1959. From its beginning in the basement of the old Bank of Powhatan building in 1959, the school moved to its current location on Academy Road in 1962. The first teacher and head of the school was Mrs. Lilliam T. West. Blessed Sacrament High School, headed by Dr. Lou Ross Hopewell, opened its doors in 1987 with 18 students in grades 8 and 9.

Huguenot Academy was a non-sectarian school that grew into an institution for students in grades preschool through twelve. The first graduating class of Huguenot Academy was the Class of 1964. Blessed Sacrament High School was a Catholic school, with no parish affiliation, which grew into a school for students in grades 8-12 and had its first graduation in 1991.

Huguenot Academy’s enrollment increased to 1,000 students, but as more private schools opened in the surrounding metropolitan area, enrollment dropped; and at the time of the merger, there were 250 students enrolled. Belmead was growing in enrollment but had no additional buildings in which to expand. They leased the property from the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, and their board advised against building on land that they did not own. Huguenot Academy sat on 40 acres of land and had 11 buildings for classes and athletic functions.

After much discussion, it was decided that the two schools would merge, and the result is Blessed Sacrament Huguenot, a Catholic college-preparatory school open to students of all faiths in grades preschool through 12.

BSH Blessed Sacrament at Belmead
Blessed Sacrament at Belmead