Community Service

At the heart of our curriculum is an intention to learn and practice a values-based way of life. Instilled at every grade level, BSH students find joy and develop character by giving back and serving others. Students and faculty alike engage community partnerships and service projects every year.

In our vision statement, we set the intention for a culture here designed to nurture the talents, growth and the greater self of each individual student. One of the ways we live that intention is to actively embrace, care and serve the community around us.

Organizations Served by Blessed Sacrament

  • Housing Families First
  • Backpacks of Love
  • Soles for Souls
  • Powhatan Christmas Mother
  • Powhatan Free Clinic
  • Goochland Food Pantry
  • Goochland Animal Shelter
  • Powhatan Food Pantry
  • Commonwealth Catholic Charities
  • American Red Cross
  • Adopt-a-Highway Sponsors