Middle School

Grades 6 through 8

BSH Middle School students continue study of Language Arts, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, Theology. Additionally, they enroll in Exploratory Wheel classes like Art, STEAM, Music, World Language, PE & Life Skills/Leadership. Advanced level courses are offered in English and Math.

During Middle School Grades 6-8, classes and experiences are particularly designed to nurture and challenge students during early adolescence. We create a safe and dynamic environment where individual students are empowered to build confidence and discover their voice.

A Closer Look


BSH Middle School Experience | “The Greatest Gift”

Middle School

Meredith Perry Assistant Principal
"The middle school years may be classified as extremely transitional. During middle school at BSH, our academic focus is to prepare students for success in high school. We also strive to help students discover their innate gifts and who they are at a personal level. By doing so, students can continue to hone the best version of themselves."
Meredith Perry
Assistant Head of School
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