College Counseling

Every path to college is different. Our expert staff will help you find yours.

BSH is pleased to offer a variety of resources for students to provide academic support and guidance to help discover each student’s unique path during these critical years in the Upper School Program.

Juniors and seniors work very closely with their college counselor, who assists with the application process, scholarship research, processing of all transcripts and counselor recommendations, and serves as a liaison for the students, colleges, and universities. Students meet with the college counselor on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure that every student graduates with one or more offers from a four-year college or university.


Director of College Counseling

Mrs. Christine Lively
[email protected]
(804) 598-4211


Vision for The BSH Student & Graduate

BSH students value and demonstrate honor, passion for learning, independent thinking and service to others. Our vision is to nurture and support BSH graduates who are confident, well-rounded, independent-minded individuals, ready to address the challenges of this generation.


Academic Characteristics and Curriculum

BSH provides a variety of Honors and Advanced Placement courses to ensure that every student has the opportunity for academic success.

Our students score an average of 520 in Critical Reading, 500 in Mathematics, and 540 in Writing on the SAT. BSH uses a 4.0 GPA calculation scale and does not rank their students.


Snapshot of College Choices

100% of BSH graduates are accepted to a 4-year university or college.