Technology & Innovation

Technology that keeps up with the fast-paced demands of students and teachers.

BSH believes that access to and familiarity with technology resources is a major component of a successful college-preparatory education. To meet the evolving needs of our students across all grade levels, all divisions and all subjects, we recently deployed a substantial upgrade to the technology infrastructure on campus. Students and teachers both benefit with access to new technological resources in instruction.


The school’s technology highlights include:

  • Campus-wide student and guest wi-fi access
  • New visual interactive displays for K-5th grade classrooms
  • AV-equipped classrooms and conference rooms
  • 1:1 Chromebooks for 6th-12th grade
  • Online access to academic databases including World Book, iXL, Brain Pop, and much more.


Culture of Creativity & Innovation

We believe in a culture of creativity and innovation where growth and individuality is celebrated and where continuous improvement thrives. As such, we seek opportunities to add creative, innovative thinking and programs to our curriculum.


BSH Programs to Inspire Creative & Innovative Thinking

  • Sociology, Ap Environmental, Rhetoric, Drama, Ceramics and Ensemble Elective Classes
  • STEAM Lab
  • Arts Abroad Trip
  • Stedwards of the Earth