Arabella Stuart Brower Scholarship

The Arabella Stuart Brower Memorial Scholarship is a fully-funded, permanent endowment that pays two full-tuition scholarships including books and uniforms annually. Established in 2016, the scholarship was initiated in memory of Arabella. Each need-based award is a 4-year scholarship, or until graduation. The only specification is that the recipient be a high school girl.  The Head of School, Paula Ledbetter, along with other faculty members determine the student recipients. 

The first Arabella Brower scholarship went to Kate Hatfield in January 2016, her sophomore year, and she graduated in 2018. She is attending the University of Alabama. In 2017 a second scholarship was started and that was awarded to Shaw Forward. After Kate Hatfield graduated, her scholarship slot went to Jessica Johnson.  

The next time the scholarships will be open for new candidates is after the class of 2021 graduates.