BSH’s Second Grade Helps Backpacks of Love


Second grade students at The Blessed Sacrament Huguenot School participated in an exciting integrated project this year. The project required students to host a baked-good sale in their cafeteria this past January. Second graders thoroughly enjoyed participating in this project. This project helped students practice concepts in Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Religion. Mrs. Mills said, “It was my first time doing this project with my students and I am so pleased with the outcome. My students were passionate about this project and remained engaged the whole way through.” Ethan Ahuja said, “I liked designing a sign on my computer and getting it printed for our sale.” Kenzie Coleman said, “I loved getting to make my funfetti cupcakes at home with my Grandma.” The bake sale was a huge success as students raised over $200. Leo Triano said, “We were selling our stuff like crazy! It was so busy!” After the bake sale took place, students then met with BSH’s administration team to select a specific charity to donate their money to. Brantley Turner said, “It was cool to have a real meeting in Mrs. Ledbetter’s office.” After much thought, second grade decided to donate their money to Powhatan’s Backpacks of Love – a charity that has been near and dear to their hearts this year. Zach Tovar said, “It made me feel good to give money to kids that need it.” Bailey Dowdy felt, “that this project was the best because it made many people happy, not just herself.” On March 6th, Backpacks of Love representatives, Brenda Fulcher and Kathy Adams, visited BSH to talk to students about their program and what the money would be used for. Second graders were informed that their contribution could potentially help create bags for about 50 children in the Powhatan area. Peyton Ledbetter said, “I couldn’t believe our money could help that many kids!” This project not only incorporated different curriculum concepts, but it truly demonstrated the joy of giving. Second grade plans to volunteer at Backpacks of Love again this Spring.